Tuesday, April 10, 2007

exciting: lanuza

Location: Lanuza, Surigao del Sur

My buds and I decided to do a road trip for this Holy Week. Early morning of Maundy Thursday, we set of for Surigao del Sur. Our target was to go around the CANCARMADCARLAN (Cantilan, Carmen, Madrid, Carascal and Lanuza) network of Surigao del Sur.

What made me go on this trip was the stuff I found on the internet which showed white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The images of surfers hanging ten did not particularly appeal to me at that time.

I was pretty disappointed with the Surigao del Sur at first. After spending a day in Canibad beach in Samal (which will be a future post), the beaches of Surigao del Sur were pretty dismal. But we had to do something with our vacation, so we ended up body surfing in Cagwait and island hopping in Cantilan. It was fun, but it falls short from last year’s Holy Week escapade in Marinduque (another future post).

By Black Saturday, we decided to check Lanuza out once again (we already passed it on the way to Cantilan) and see how fare their surfing rates. After asking around, we ended up in Lanuza Bay Surfing Company. Their room rates were pretty reasonable. P200/head for the dormitory rooms, and P450 for twin sharing. Their surfing rates aren’t that bad either, at P200/hour for an instructor and P250/day surf board rental.

They made surfboards from the local tree Amakan which costs P3,500/sq foot. It would seem expensive for those not into the sport, with a short board costing around P20,000++, but other boards are priced more than that. Some of those Lanuza-made beauts are exported to California even! Proudly Pinoy-made surf boards. Yeah!

Anyway, I had first dibs trying the surf board as we crossed the delta to the beach. Lying prone on the board while maintaining balance was not easy during the first time. It kept tilting precariously, and falling off was definitely not an option. But once I got the hang of it, I was able to traverse the delta by paddling. When I got to the other side, I could already feel the adrenaline pumping. o And when I saw the waves racing to the shore, I was ready to hang ten. Or at least try to.

Philip and Ilongo were the instructors assigned to our group of seven. I was among one of the first to reach the part of surfable area of the waters, so Philip instructed me first. I just had to do what I did crossing the delta. Paddle. When a good wave came, Philip gave me the initial push and shouted, “padol!” and paddle I did.

What a rush! I felt my board and I ride the waves! It was only my first try, but I could already understand why some people I know do it every week.

It seemed like I was the most excited about surfing, as I did not stop trying to stand on the board for the last two hours that we were on the beach. The other guys would take breaks or pass the board to another. I kept going at it non-stop. Even after being hit by the board at the gut and on the face. Even after my knees were starting to bruise and my boobs were starting to hurt from climbing onto the board (which is no easy task, when the waves kept coming at me and pushing me off the board). Even when I was on my own, while Philip and Ilongo attending to the others.

Despite my tremendous effort, I could not stand up from the short board though I was already able to more or less determine a good wave to ride. I could already paddle far enough, and balance on my knees. But standing on the board was a different story all together.

Until Philip told me it would be easier using the long board. Once I was able to exchange the short board I was using with the long board, Philip helped me launch. A good wave came. He yelled, “Kini! Padol! Tindog!” (This one! Paddle! Stand!). Lo and behold! I was able to stand for two seconds. Woohoo! The adrenaline just kept pumping harder after that. After I’d paddle, kneel, stand and fall, I’d drag back my surf board and walk or paddle back further down the beach to catch more waves.

I only stopped trying when all the other six people were already on the shore resting. I wanted to try some more, but it was already getting late. The sun was almost setting and it was just the perfect time to take posterity photos. ;p

After everyone had taken their baths, all the bruises and body aches started to come out. I had a cut on my chin, bruises on my pelvis, thigh, knees and right elbow. The back of my neck was hurting from keeping my head up while I lay prone on the board watching out for coming waves. My breasts were hurting from the impact on the board, while the guys felt the same with their pectorals.

Despite all that, I was perfectly satisfied with the day. It was a good end to our long break. And at the back of my head, I was thinking, I can try this again!

This coming November 20-25, they will be having the 3rd International Longboard Invitational and the 5th National Surfing Open at Doot Poktoy, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. Contact Poktoy Palm Haven at cell number 09064413025 for accommodations and details of the event. If you are interested in surf boards and surfing, contact number for Lanuza Bay Surfing Company is 0915-4471088.


rowie said...

HAPPY EASTER GIRL! :P Astig. O game, windsurfing naman tayo next time you're in Manila. :)

manlalakbay-tao said...

Happy Easter!

I'd love to! Sana di hectic ang sched ko the next time I'm there. *cross fingers*

(pero baka hindi, kasi si jan nasa davao. wehehe!)