Thursday, January 11, 2007

the backpack

Stroller baggage? Not for the backpacker. But of course! Or else he wouldn't be called a backpacker if he carried a stroller. D-uh! He'd be a stroller-er. Double d-uh!

Anyway, enough of this absolutely un-funny corniness.

The stroller baggage is only practical for city traveling, where there are flat surfaces that make rolling easy and various modes of transportation are easily available. For the adventurer wanting to visit the road less-traveled, the backpack is the must-have.

Packs would be the best choice, especially those with hip belts, if you are traveling to explore. It would allow for distribution of weight to different portions of your body like the shoulder, lower back and hips. Thus, you would not tire as easily compared to using duffel bags, totes, shoulder bags or gym bags. These usually concentrate weight on one shoulder and would force you to shift from time to time.

Aside from tiring less, the backpack would allow your two hands to be free. Free to scratch your head when you get lost, hold the hand of a friend or beloved while gawking at new and interesting sights or objects, or to spread them wide to embrace the thrill of the adventure.

A good size would be one that could carry five to seven days worth of clothing. You’re just going away for the weekend, you say? Well, I’m quite sure you will be bringing home more things that what you initially had from your trip. Or if not, when you are in a rush to catch the ride going home, you can just stuff you’re clothes in and not have to worry whether they fit in your bag or not.

Side pockets, though not a necessity, would be quite convenient. You can place small things like keys, loose change, pens, shells and stones you’ve picked up, a bottle of water, flip-flops, foldable jackets and other what-have-yous. Should you need something easily accessible, you wouldn’t have to open your entire back just to get it. Or if you want to stow away something, you can easily stuff it in your bag pocket. Just make sure you won’t end up in jail for doing that.

So go check your closet and look for that trusty backpack as it will be your constant companion in your travels. Make friends with it, give it a name if you want. I usually call mine, “yung bag ko (my bag)” or “Kelty” (its brand name). I got her last year at a bargain price of Php750.00 (around $17.00), when some officemates went to Zamboanga. When we checked its price on the internet, it’s selling price is $145.00. Boo-yah!

If you feel you’re backpack is not sturdy enough for the travels you and I will be going to, then you can check out several brands in the market. There are the imported brands which costs Php3,000 ($60.00) up like Deuter, The North Face, Body Glove and Jansport. On the local front, there is Bobcat, Conquer and Habagat starting off at Php1,500.00 ($30.00).

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Dante said...

i hope i can go backpacking to far away places someday. it sounds really fun. it would also be therapeutic.