Thursday, July 5, 2007

relax: hanging out at prospero pichay, sr. boulevard

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Location: Lanuza, Surigao del Sur

A whole afternoon of trying out surfing had most of the gang become aware how laundry in the washing machine feels. Everyone tumbled and turned in the waves and would be taking home a souvenir of bruises here and there.

After we have showered and eaten, we decided to go to the Boulevard we saw when we got to Lanuza. Spanning probably more than a kilometer, it actually drew our attention because of its bricked walkway, iron-wrought benches and fancy lamp posts. We all felt it was an odd thing to have for such a small sixth class municipality. For a town which road needs work, the Prospero Pichay, Sr. Boulevard stood out in its extravagance. But we had to give it to whoever made it, it was beautiful.

I had no idea who Prospero Pichay, Sr. was, but logic tells me that he is (was?) the father of the Surigao Congressman running for Senate during the May 2007 elections. And this congressman was someone I would definitely not vote for. But hey, like him or not...that Boulevard is probably a favorite spot during the International Surfing Festival every November.

The day has long gone and the night has nestled itself comfortably into the sky. Everyone was pooped from the afternoon extreme sports. But the cool sea wind was beckoning, telling us to take some time to just sit on the benches and enjoy the sound of the sea.

As we sat, ate chips and told stories, I felt it was a nice way to cap the day. We all lived in a place where the night was greeted by a barrage of lights and drowned by noise pollution. That time, we were facing the ocean, with only pinpricks of light from the houses on the shore and the sounds of nature emphasizing the silence. The light from the lamps actually set the ambience for the evening rather than overpowered it. The crescent moon and the generous sprinkling of stars were simply breathtaking, a sight to behold. The waves that were beating us up just that afternoon has quieted a little. They came at slow intervals, lapping at the shore and sucking at the sand. Our usual loud voices were noticeably slightly toned down, though unintentionally.

I guess in the silence of our hearts, what was happening that moment was something we city folks rarely get to experience and something we want to enjoy the fullest.

When we finally left the Boulevard, our bodies may have been tired but our souls were refreshed by God's wonderful creations.

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