Thursday, March 22, 2007

must-go: Transfiguration

Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, approximately 15 minutes from downtown

Getting there:
There aren't any public transportation that takes you directly to the Church. Though there are multicabs that would pass the street that leads to it, but it is a very, very long walk. So it is advisable to hire a motorela (a bigger version of the motorcycle) if there are only a few of you or a multicab (a smaller version of the jeepney) if you are a big group.

Negotiating skills are necessary to bargain with the drivers. But a budget of P100-150 ($2-3) would be more than enough. An additional P200 ($4.00) should you decide to have their second Sunday brunch

The Transfiguration located at the outskirts of Malaybalay City. It is a church being managed by the Benedictine Monks. It is not very accessible to public transportation, thus you would need to hire a public utility vehicle to get there, if you do not have your own.

From afar, the Transfiguration looks more like a pyramid than a church. But once you get to the top of the hill where it is located, you are greeted with a speactacular view of Bukidnon. On either side are the mountains of Bukidnon, the famous of which is Mt. Kitanglad. You are surrounded by a sea of green from the trees, the grass, the rice and corn fields. Around November to February, there are dots of yellow from the wild sunflower blossoms.

The inside and outside of the church is separate with glass panels so you still have an unobstructed view. Wooden pews and fixtured and the stone altar contribute to the feeling of oneness with nature.

Whether inside or outside of the Transfiguration, you get the feeling of serenity and tranquility.

Every second Sunday of the month, many out-of-town Churchgoers visit the Transfiguration to enjoy the brunch meal the Monks prepare. For a fee of P200 ($4.00), you can enjoy a buffet rice, fish, chicken and pork adobo, scrambled eggs, tocino and vegetables. There is also bottomless coffee and juice.

So should you plan to visit, make sure its a second Sunday!


Dante said...

sounds interesting...

makagutom da hehehe..

manlalakbay-tao said...

nice to see you again, dante!

let's travel together virtually. ;p

bukidnon would be an accessible trip from cebu, so if you ever go there, you have an idea where to go na.

Dante said...

i've been there, although nilabay lang ko with my palalabs. :) she lives in davao. it truly is a beautiful place, and i didn't know daghan pa diay nindut adtuoan didto. your posts would be very helpful. thanks!

Dante said...

sure it would be fun to receive a snail mail hehe. ako lang i-email akong address. unsa imo email add?

manlalakbay-tao said...

cool. penpals! na di na uso ngayon:p